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About Us

Letter From The General Manager 
Victor Badran

I take this opportunity to introduce myself and our sole distribution of Koolex in Lebanon. Since I'm specialized in the engineering of air-conditioning and having 32 year experience in the air conditioning business, we are proud to carry Koolex air conditioning as our main brand name.

koolex is made by Midea which has a strong presence in the world market.

- 1985: Birth of Midea A/C co.
- 1993: Technical cooperation between Midea &Toshiba
- 1999: ISO 14001 certification
- 2000: Annual sales volume exceeded 2 million sets
- 2002: OHSAS 18001 Certification for environmental protection
- 2004: Annual sales exceeded 6.5 million sets
- Building area: 1015000 square meters
- Total employees: 9500 people

Koolex has an extensive technological co-operation that have been developed with international companies.

Koolex brand is well recognized in high developed countries like US and Australia.

Lebanon having a four season weather, Koolex has secured a good position. Heavac / Koolex active promotion of e-commerce to seek new opportunities in the Middle East.


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    Tel: +961 1 304074 / 318658
    Fax: +961 1 317306
    E-mail: heavac@heavac.com